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Primus around the world

When the night is falling, my tent is up and I watch the day transform into darkness, there is nothing better than lighting my camping stove and enjoying a great meal after a long day of travel.

During my previous trip I brought an Omnifuel. A stove that served me without failure for the whole trip (11 months). Its a stove from Primus. Some people say its too loud, it’s not. The screaming flame is a reassuring growl from a beast that swallows everything from gas bottles, white gas, Petrol to the dirtiest kerosene you can find in all of Central Asia.

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Camping next to supermarket

Breaking a thousand rules

Well…. a short update of our first week of biking. We started our adventure by arriving in Paris late in the evening on the 18th. Pierced by the curious eyes of tourists waiting for their luggage we assembled the bikes with haste. A little bit to hastily maybe, Emil had his whole rear carrier fall of in the middle of a busy street in Paris. We left the Airport in the middle of the night. Starving and without a clue about anything. We started of by pushing the bikes trough some road construction sites and followed the highway into Paris. (Grandmothers and parents can stop reading at this point) We then followed the highway in darkness and tried to stay alive. Continue reading

Traveling around the world by bike